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AD / CZ Tops / Studs

Rs. 299.00Rs. 399.00

Baby Pink Crystal Danglers

Rs. 450.00Rs. 650.00

Basket of Flowers

Rs. 650.00

Beaded Tassel Danglers

Rs. 549.00Rs. 699.00

Beige Enamel Danglers

Rs. 399.00Rs. 599.00

Boho Chandeliers

Rs. 675.00

Braided Knots

Rs. 625.00

Caesar Droplets

Rs. 399.00Rs. 499.00

Charcoal Fauna

Rs. 575.00Rs. 750.00

Cocktail Crystal Danglers

Rs. 499.00Rs. 599.00

Colourful Tear Danglers

Rs. 650.00Rs. 799.00

Colourful Teared Droplets

Rs. 475.00Rs. 575.00