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Beach Holiday (52)

Enamelled Beaded Necklace Set

Rs. 1,050.00

Beaded German Silver Neckpieces

Rs. 850.00

Beaded Layered Neckpieces

Rs. 950.00

Mustard Beaded Baubles

Rs. 750.00

Chromatic Beaded Long Neckpieces

Rs. 850.00

Chromatic Beaded Layered Neckpieces

Rs. 850.00

Chromatic Beaded Short Neckpieces

Rs. 850.00

Beaded Stole Necklace

Rs. 799.00

Bohemian Beaded Baubles

Rs. 750.00

Mother of Pearl Wristlet

Rs. 599.00

Floral Beaded Wristlets

Rs. 575.00

Turquoise Semi Precious Neckpiece

Rs. 749.00Rs. 799.00